The out-of-pocket costs for general dentistry is one of the main concerns we hear from our patients. In fact, many patients worry that they won’t have the money to pay their bill, and then, have to pay late fees. This, unfortunately, can keep them home instead of visiting us at Collins Dentistry & Aesthetics.

We understand your concerns and want to help aid your current financial situation. Though dentistry is costly, one of our main goals is to make dental care affordable for everyone. We offer high-quality dentistry at fair prices. Furthermore, we help our patients by accepting a wide variety of dental insurance plans and offer flexible payment plans and financing terms.

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We’re On Your Side

Dr. Kenneth and Marnie Collins want your dental care to be the best it can be. Because of this, we want the payments to be the last thing on your mind. We offer flexible plans and financing options so you can focus on the important stuff, like your beautiful smile.

Some of our patients choose to save up for dental treatments. However, your mouth is much like an old, loved car. The longer you wait to fix it, the more issues will arise. For example, if you’re missing a tooth, your jaw could become misaligned. Therefore, instead of just replacing the lost tooth you may also have to get Invisalign to correct your bite.

So What’s the Deal with Dental Insurance?

To be honest, dental insurance isn’t the best option for everyone. Though you may think that it’s similar to health insurance, it’s not. Dental insurance generally covers preventative care but then falls flat for larger, more expensive issues.

For instance, most dental coverage plans work on a 100/80/50 ratio. In other words, dental insurance covers 100% of preventative care, 80% of fillings and extractions, and 50% of larger procedures such as dentures. Depending on how much you pay for your monthly insurance, this may or may not be worth it for you. In the end though, at least each of your dental exams are covered.

Furthermore, dental insurance can get in the way of your dental treatment plans. If your insurance doesn’t cover certain things, your oral hygiene could be at stake.

If you want to know your options, talk to the Collins Dentistry & Aesthetics team about our dental plans and financing. Affordable dentistry could be just a phone call away!

Your Affordable Dentist in Spokane Valley

If you have concerns about dental payments, come talk to us. Together we can figure out a plan that works for you. Here at Collins Dentistry & Aesthetics, your dental care is our prerogative. Give us a call at (509) 927-2273 or schedule an appointment online to visit Dr. Kenneth and Dr. Marnie Collins.