Losing a tooth (or teeth) can impact you in different ways. This can affect your smile, the way you eat, talk, and your overall oral health. Missing teeth can also lower your self-esteem. The good news is that dental implants are an excellent solution for tooth replacement.

However, there are patients out there that question whether they are worth the cost in both time and money.

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The Ins and Outs Of Dental Implants

Dental implants are a tooth replacement treatment that many choose nowadays. Implants are made from titanium. A Spokane Valley dentist places them directly into your jawbone. Then, a replacement tooth (crown) is attached. Implants look and function much like natural teeth.

The procedure takes about four months to complete, from start to finish. If you require a tooth extraction first, it will take approximately eight months. The dentist uses most of this time to “prepare” the area for your implant. The dental implant procedure itself takes only five minutes to complete.

Most patients report minimal discomfort during their recovery. The healing process from the procedure takes about a week. However, the time it takes for osseointegration to occur (when the bone surrounds the implant to hold it in place), the process can take up to six months.

Most patients are good candidates for this treatment. You require healthy gums and need to be in overall good health. Plus, you need sufficient bone density in that region. With that said, if you don’t have enough, your dentist in Spokane Valley may perform a bone graft. For this procedure, they’ll take bone from one area, and add it to another. Your implant requires adequate bone to help support it. Therefore, bone grafting can be a solution to this issue in some cases.

Dental implant treatments are a considerable cost in both time and money. Is the procedure worth it? Below are six things to consider.

1. They Can Last A Lifetime

When maintained properly, dental implants can last a very long time. Larger clinical research reveals that over 90 percent of implant treatments last 20+ years. Meanwhile, smaller studies have proven that they can last between 30 to 50 years.

2. Maintenance Is Low-Key

Taking care of your dental implants is easy! Much like natural teeth, you must brush them twice daily, floss, and use mouthwash. Regular visits to your Spokane Valley dentist are important, too. Dental implants require the same care that your real teeth do. Maintenance is very straightforward.

3. Helps Preserve Other Teeth

Speaking of your “real” teeth, dental implants do not need support from your surrounding teeth. This is because implants stand on their own, within the jawbone. Unlike dentures and dental bridges, there’s no added stress on your natural teeth. Therefore, this helps to preserve them. Additionally, implants decrease the risks of complications for existing teeth. In the end, you’ll save time and money in the long run with fewer dental visits.

4. Stimulates Gums and Bone Growth

When a tooth is missing, the area in your jawbone will slowly begin to dissolve. Thus, dental implants stimulate gums and bone growth in that region. Ultimately, this prevents bone loss. It also keeps your jaw in good shape and slows down the aging process.

5. Eat All Your Favorite Foods

Dental implants anchor to your jawbone like real teeth. Therefore, there’s never a worry that they’ll slip out of your mouth, like dentures. This also means you can keep eating all your favorite foods. Nothing will be too hard to chew. Not even steak! There are no dietary restrictions and no concerns that your implants will “pop out” during meals. They are a permanent fixture inside your mouth.

6. Increase Your Confidence

Lastly, missing teeth can eat away your self-esteem. It can affect how you speak. This can also stir up insecurities when out in public. Missing teeth may stop you from smiling, going to social events, and affect your career, too. Dental implants replace missing teeth, which will help you start living again. You won’t be self-conscience about eating or speaking in front of others. Plus, you’ll smile more!

Sure, implants can be costly. However, for some, they are well worth it. How can you place a time or price limit on health and happiness? Considering all that you gain in the end, perhaps it’s time you take the dental implant plunge, too!

Learn More About Spokane Valley, WA Dental Implants

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