One of the biggest downsides of wearing dentures is that eating becomes incredibly difficult. You might not think of what eating is like when you’re just desperate to have a mouth full of teeth, but once you take your first bite with dentures in, you will feel disappointed.

If you have dentures and don’t get to enjoy your favorite foods because of a fear that your dentures will fall out or they just don’t feel secure, exploring dental implants is a smart idea. Opting for dental implants in Spokane Valley can completely transform your entire eating experience.

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More Comfort

One of the ways that dental implants enhance your eating experience is by making eating more comfortable. Dentures don’t feel like natural teeth and use adhesives and suction to stay in place. When you wear them all day, it tends to feel uncomfortable after a while which might not encourage you to eat an exciting diet.

With dental implants, you don’t experience the discomfort of dentures. Instead, the dental implants will secure your dentures or other tooth replacement to the jaw bone where it stays firmly in place, no matter what you eat. The bite force no longer puts pressure on your gums and instead puts pressure on your jaw, like natural teeth. As a result, eating is significantly more comfortable! You also don’t have to worry about getting tiny pieces of food such as seeds or crumbs stuck between your gums and dentures.

Enjoy a Wide Variety of Foods

After wearing dentures for a while, you probably have a mental list of the foods that you can eat comfortably and easily. You probably also have a mental list of foods you don’t eat. If you miss having the choice to eat a complete variety of foods, dentures aren’t the best tooth replacement solution. With dental implants, eating is enjoyable and you can eat all the foods you love again like steak, apples, fruit, vegetables, chewy snacks, and crunchy snacks. Nothing is off-limits!

Food Tastes More Flavorful

Many people aren’t aware that dentures can take away the flavor of food. This is because dentures cover the mouth’s upper palate which your body uses to taste things just like your tongue. When the dentures obstruct the upper palate, you’re only tasting what your tongue can taste. When you opt for dental implants, there is no longer any reason to cover the upper palate since the implants keep the teeth in place. As a result, people can taste more foods again.

Eat Faster

Although eating slower can help you eat less and eat more mindfully, sometimes you’re on the go and need to eat fast. With dentures, eating fast isn’t a possibility. They just aren’t secure enough to chew quickly. People use a special technique to chew with dentures in otherwise they will become dislodged. With dental implants, however, you can chew as fast as you want because the implants help your teeth stay in place. Your family will no longer have to wait forever for you to finish your meal.

Experience Fewer Digestion Problems

Lastly, dental implants will help you enjoy eating again because they can improve your digestion. Since dentures make chewing difficult, people don’t chew as efficiently and effectively when they wear dentures. As a result, many people who wear dentures experience digestion issues. This can lead to heartburn, gas, indigestion, and a lower digestive act. Dental implants will restore your regular chewing efficiency so you can chew food thoroughly and prevent digestive problems down the line.

Get Dental Implants in Spokane Valley

Eating should be an enjoyable experience, no matter how old you are. With dental implants in Spokane Valley at Collins Dentistry & Aesthetics, we can help you enjoy your favorite foods again without dentures. Please contact our dental office to learn more about dental implants and if they’re right for you. Call us at (509) 927-2273 to schedule an appointment today.