Feeling your best is invariably tied to looking your best. It is likely that we have all experienced the inner conflict when the reflection in the mirror does not reflect the way we feel. However common the feeling may be, it is not a problem without a solution.

That solution, for many, can be dental veneers.

Veneers can radically change your smile, and a veneer procedure can be as simple as replacing a discolored tooth or as extensive as addressing an entire smile. In fact, veneers are an excellent choice for anyone seeking a straighter, brighter and more confident smile –and more patients are choosing veneers every day.

Though veneers boast major benefits such as the ability to quickly close gaps between the teeth, instantly whiten a smile and completely transform the face, patients typically have many questions prior to committing to veneers. One question that often comes up is: How long will my veneers last? Well, before we answer that, there’s another question we might want to answer first.

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What Are Veneers Made of?

Though they’re often called porcelain veneers, most dentists now use a composite resin material or advanced ceramics in veneers instead. The major benefits of ceramic veneers include a much more durable, long-lasting and natural-looking smile.

The strength of veneers can also benefit patients with bruxism. After observing veneered patients with bruxism, researchers found just 14% of patients experienced minor chipping, which was resolved with only minimal polishing. The ceramic material used in veneers is twice as strong as tooth enamel, which means veneers not only improve the look of the tooth, but the functionality and resilience of it as well.

How Long Do Veneers Last?

Though veneers are not impervious to damage such as chips and wear over time, you can the life of your veneers by treating them as you would your natural teeth. Ways in which you can keep your veneer strong, healthy, and looking natural and new include:

  • Wearing a night guard while you sleep (if recommended)
  • Chewing food using the molars rather than the front teeth
  • Not using the teeth to open packages
  • Not chewing on objects such as fingernails, straws or pens

By taking great care of your veneers, you can extend the life of your new smile and feel confident in your veneers for years to come. Many patients report no problems with their veneers after ten years, and patients who meticulously maintain their veneers can experience a lifespan of up to twenty years.

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