mature adult woman smiling with new dental implant teethDental implants are the tooth replacement most like getting your natural teeth back. Although almost everyone is a candidate for dental implants, there are a few things that keep people from getting them. One of these concerns is the cost of dental implants. If nothing else, the uncertainty about cost keeps people from moving forward with a dental implant procedure.

Let us remove some of that uncertainty so that you can consider dental implants in the context of their potential cost and benefits. We can only give you ballpark estimates, however. Dental implants are a custom procedure with many potential variables. The only way to know for sure what dental implants will cost in Spokane Valley is to schedule an appointment with an implant dentist at Collins Dentistry and Aesthetics.

A Base Cost of Dental Implants

Let’s cut right to the chase and give you a ballpark figure for what to expect a single dental implant might cost: $3,000 to $5,000. That’s the entire procedure for dental implant placement, including all expected components: the implant, the abutment attachment piece, and an attractive dental crown.

If you are looking to replace multiple teeth, the cost doesn’t scale on a per tooth basis. If you are looking to replace three teeth next to each other, for example, it might only cost around $10,000, while you might be able to replace all teeth in a single arch for as little as around $30,000.

Of course, these are base costs, and they might increase depending on the type of dental implant procedure you need.

Tooth Extractions

Before placing implants, we might have to extract your failing teeth. The cost of this additional procedure isn’t included above. It might cost as much as $1000 in addition to your dental implant cost.

Gum Disease Treatment

In addition to extracting dead, damaged, or decayed teeth, your Spokane Valley implant dentist might need to treat gum disease before placing dental implants. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss among American adults, and it’s also the leading cause of dental implant failure. We want to make sure your mouth is healthy before placing dental implants, or else the time and expense of implants might be for nothing.

Gum disease treatment can cost several hundred dollars. It might also delay dental implant treatment by up to a month or so. However, gum disease treatment is a great investment to protect the cost of dental implants, which is your main expense.

Bone Grafting

A dental implant depends on your bone for support. If your body doesn’t have enough bone at the implant site, your Spokane Valley implant dentist will recommend a bone graft. This might use synthetic or natural materials to help your body build new bone. Depending on the amount of grafting you need, this might add several hundred or up to several thousand dollars to the cost of your dental implant procedure.

Additional Imaging

We use CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) to plan most dental implant procedures. This gives us 3D images of your jaw and teeth so we can precisely plan your dental implant procedure. Usually, this is effective the first time, and it’s included in your dental implant cost.

However, there are some situations when we need additional information about the structure of your jaw, the distribution of bone, the location of nerves, etc. These are necessary to ensure the proper placement of your implant or implants. We will let you know before doing these images, as well as tell you the cost of any additional imaging before we conduct the exam.

Cost of Restorations

Technically, the dental implant is the part of the replacement tooth that goes into the bone. The restoration is the visible part above the gum. For a single tooth, it is typically a dental crown. For replacing more teeth than one, we might use a dental bridge or even a full denture. These dental restorations come in many styles. They are made from different materials, which range from short-lived and temporary to stronger than your natural teeth and just as attractive.

Your choice of restoration might make a difference of several thousand dollars in your final cost.

Does Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

Typically, yes! Dental insurance tends to cover some of the cost of dental implants. Depending on the type of plan, your insurance might completely cover some parts of the procedure. For example, it might cover gum disease treatment or the dental crown. Other times, insurance will cover part of the entire procedure. You might also have a significant deductible and/or cost limits built into your insurance policy.

At our Spokane Valley dental office, we can help you understand your dental insurance so you know what reimbursement you might expect from your insurance company.

Get a Personal Estimate for Dental Implants in Spokane Valley

All the above estimates are generic and may not accurately reflect what dental implants might cost you. To find out the true cost of dental implants in Spokane Valley for you, you’ll need to talk to an implant dentist.

Please call (509) 927-2273 or use our online form today to request an appointment at Collins Dentistry & Aesthetics located in the Veradale area of Spokane Valley.