We exercise regularly to strengthen the heart, ensure we are eating healthfully to protect the liver, take supplements to boost brain function, and reduce salt intake for healthy kidneys. But what about the skin?

The skin is not just the first thing others see about us, and it is not simply the first thing we see when we look in the mirror; the skin is the body’s largest organ. We must protect it just like we do our internal organs. Collins Dentistry & Aesthetics can help you achieve your skin care goals with a spring facial.

Curly red haired woman smiles and holds a small flower next to her face

1.      To Spring Clean Not Just the House, But the Skin As Well

The simplest reason that spring is the perfect time for a facial? Spring is a time for both physical and mental cleaning. It is a perfect time to perform a self-check-in, take stock, and prepare for a carefree summer.

2.      To Promote Younger-Looking Skin

When it comes to keeping the skin moisturized, no one is perfect. Following harsher and drier conditions in the winter, the typical effects of aging, and the pervasive idea that sun screen does not need to be used in winter, a spring facial, like an Amp MD Anti Age Treatment, is ideal for younger-appearing and younger-feeling skin.

3.      To Check In with a Professional

Going a long period of time without checking in with a doctor about our heart or lungs can be dangerous; we should not ignore our skin health, either. During the course of a facial, your Collins Dentistry & Aesthetics esthetician/esthetician’}}}} will be able to identify any necessary treatments and make recommendations to ensure your skin gets healthy – and stays that way.

4.      To Improve Complexion and Fix Blemishes

Blackheads, clogged pores, and impurities do happen, but they are not unpreventable. A spring facial acts as a cleanser for the skin, particularly a Deep Cleanse Facial, which will remove dirt, dead skin, excess oil, and more from the skin, leaving the skin looking beautiful and feeling purified.

5.      To Replenish the Skin Using Healthy Nutrients

During a facial, especially a European Facial, nutrients are infused into the skin, like a healthy diet for the skin. Just like we regularly address our physical and mental well-being, a facial is a model way to address the well-being of our skin.

6.      To Inspire Relaxation and Confidence

All health benefits aside, a facial promotes tranquility. Just as stress and mental instability can cause blemishes and skin imperfections, a mind at ease can prevent them. Treat your mental health with a facial and your skin will see the benefits, too.

7.      Because You Deserve It

Take a deep breath; with the passing of winter comes bluer skies, more time in the great outdoors and, hopefully, more time for self-care. Treat yourself to a visit to Collins Dentistry & Aesthetics; you are sure to leave happier and more relaxed, no matter the service you need.

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