If you’re a little self-conscious about your smile, maybe it’s time to look into cosmetic dentistry? From teeth whitening to braces, dental crowns, and more, there are plenty of procedures that can add an extra “boost” to your smile!

There are pros and cons to each treatment. Below is the “low down” on some popular ones.

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Teeth Whitening

For a quick and easy pick-me-up, many choose to brighten dull-looking teeth. Plus, the procedure is fairly inexpensive.

Still, many challenge the idea of going to a dentist for teeth whitening. After all, there are products available over the counter at big box stores or pharmacies.

A whitening treatment done with a Spokane Valley cosmetic dentist will work faster to brighten your teeth. One reason is that peroxide solutions from a dentist are stronger than at-home products. Plus, the light/heat is adjusted during the procedure to meet your whitening needs. Lastly, dentists offer customized trays to fit your teeth, perfectly. This ensures the teeth whitening treatment is more effective and lasts longer.

However, a con with this cosmetic dentistry procedure is that it might not work on certain stains. In these cases, we can recommend porcelain veneers or bonding to cover the stains. Also, you’ll have to avoid certain foods for a few days after, like coffee, blueberries, and red wine. This can be a game-changer for some people!

Dental Crowns

For teeth damaged by decay, wear and tear, or trauma, dental implants are a good solution. They fit over your natural tooth, down to a bit below the gum line.

Crowns have many benefits. They are natural-looking and help to restore your damaged teeth. They protect the entire surface of your tooth, resist decay, stains, and abrasion. Plus, if maintained properly, dental crowns can last for decades.

Yet, there are some things to consider with this procedure. First, your insurance may not cover the full cost of this. Secondly, there is a chance of gum sensitivity. Lastly, the color might not match your other teeth if you eat a lot of staining foods. We can use professional whitening treatment to help with this though.

Dental Implants

Dental implants help with missing teeth. If you have lost one or more teeth in Spokane Valley, then this procedure could be a good solution.

Dental implants are titanium, and bond directly to your jawbone. They function exactly like natural teeth. In fact, most people won’t know they are implants unless you tell them!

Benefits of dental implants include:

  • They don’t require special maintenance.
  • They stimulate jawbones and gums, preventing bone loss.
  • They allow you to eat the same foods you’ve always enjoyed.
  • They won’t slip or fall out of your mouth (like dentures).
  • They can last a lifetime, with proper care.

The procedure is eight months from start to finish if a tooth extraction is needed. It’s only four months with no tooth extraction. The actual implant surgery takes about five minutes in total.

Most patients report minimal pain during the healing process, and recovery takes about one week. The good news is, you can eat after the procedure. Although your dentist may recommend staying away from crunchy foods.

A common “con” to this cosmetic dentistry treatment is that some insurance providers don’t cover the expense.

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Porcelain Veneers

This cosmetic dentistry option is great for those who want to significantly enhance their smile.

Veneers can help with:

  • Discolored teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Small or poorly shaped teeth
  • Chipped or worn teeth

Veneers improve your smile and protect your tooth’s surface from future damage. During the procedure, a dentist in Spokane Valley places a thin layer of porcelain material over your teeth. This treatment only takes about two weeks to complete, which is far faster than braces.

There are some things to note. Some patients experience minor soreness three to four days after the treatment. Those who grind their teeth might need to get a nightguard, too.


Speaking of braces, for crooked teeth, many choose orthodontia options. No longer considered only for preteens and teens, many adults are investing in braces nowadays. This is all thanks to the selection offered. This includes traditional bracket-and-wire, as well as clear and removable aligners.

Simply put, braces properly align your bite and straighten your teeth. Some downsides to orthodontics are their cost. In some cases, insurance can cover some of the expenses. Additionally, the procedure takes a while. The commitment with braces is a minimum of one year, if not more.

Create The Perfect Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry In Spokane Valley

Your smile is something people zero in on when they first meet you. Therefore, you want it to be as flawless as possible. After all, there is no “second chance” when you make a first impression!

Creating the perfect smile is at your fingertips! Simply call (509) 927-2273 to book an appointment with a Spokane Valley cosmetic dentist at Collins Dentistry & Aesthetics. We can help you weigh out the “pros and cons” to find a treatment that works best for you.