The beauty of porcelain veneers is that they can address one smile issue or multiple ones. Therefore, many tend to turn to the one treatment when looking for a complete “smile makeover”. In as little as a month, veneers can completely transform the appearance of your teeth. Below are 5 reasons to consider this procedure.

What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Before diving into the benefits, it’s time to learn more about this treatment. Veneers are thin sheets of ceramic that cover your teeth. They are durable, strong, and essentially hide a tooth’s imperfections.

What Can This Treatment Do For You?

Porcelain veneers are a powerful procedure that addresses the following smile issues:

  • Stains or discoloration on the teeth
  • Crookedness, chips, or gaps
  • Poorly shaped or small teeth

5 Reasons To Go With Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are highly popular in the land of cosmetic dentistry. That’s because there are several benefits to the procedure.

1. Natural Looking

Porcelain veneers look and function like natural teeth. There is no special care when maintaining them. Simply brush and floss daily, as you normally would.

2. Long-Lasting

If you take proper care of your porcelain veneers, they can up to twenty years. Ensuring you have a solid oral hygiene routine is a good start. Another way to protect their lifespan is through regular check-ups and cleanings with your Spokane Valley dentist. Lastly, while they are strong, some bad habits can damage them. Avoid things like chewing on pens or pencils. In addition, don’t use your teeth as a tool to open up snack bags or bottle tops. Finally, if you are one to clench or grind your teeth, it’s a good idea to ask your dentist about mouthguards for night-time sleep, before the procedure. All these actions will help extend the longevity of your veneers.

3. No More Whitening Treatments

Teeth whitening is an easy treatment to remove stains and discoloration. However, veneers are a permanent solution to helping those pearly whites look (and stay) bright.

4. Fairly Quick Turn Around Time

Porcelain veneers are great for straightening minor gaps or crookedness in your teeth. Plus, the turnaround time is fairly reasonable. Unlike braces, which take a minimum of a year, if not more. With veneers, you achieve the smile of your dreams in less than a month!

The procedure takes about two weeks to complete. Your dentist in Spokane Valley takes impressions during your first visit. This is also a chance for you both to talk about the results you want and ask any questions. If there’s a chance that your veneers are whiter than your tooth color then a whitening treatment is given during this appointment, too. After whitening, your dentist will place temporary veneers over your teeth.

A few weeks after that, you are in for your last appointment. This is the exciting part, where your permanent veneers come in from the lab. Your dentist bonds them over your teeth, and you officially have your new smile. Some patients may require follow-up visits after the fact. This is to adjust your bite until it feels “perfect”. These appointments essentially improve the fit of your veneers to ensure you have the best possible results.

5. Little To No Pain

Overall, there’s little to no pain with the procedure. Some patients experience soreness for about three to four days. However, over-the-counter pain medications help relieve the discomfort, easily.

Some Things To Note

While there are many advantages to porcelain veneers, there are some other things to consider. First, the procedure is costly, and most insurance providers do not cover this expense. However, many see the treatment as an investment in themselves. The smile of your dreams can boost your confidence, help you look younger, and provide an amazing first impression.

Another factor to consider is that veneers are permanent. After all, they bond to your teeth. Porcelain veneers are not a procedure you can “undo”. Therefore, you need to carefully consider if this is something for you.

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Whether you are looking for a smile makeover, or to fix one tooth, there are many reasons to choose porcelain veneers. If you want to find out more about this procedure, reach out to Collins Dentistry & Aesthetics. Our office can help answer your questions and address any concerns. Please call (509) 927-2273 today to book an appointment with a Spokane Valley cosmetic dentist. You can also schedule a visit via our website. Why wait any longer for the smile of your dreams?