Most people are more critical of their appearance than any other person ever would be. People hate their hair, or they want to be taller. Or they want to be thinner, or they want a smaller nose, or they want curlier hair. The list of what we think needs to be improved in our appearance is long and harsh. Most of us, however, would not complain if we had a whiter, bright smile. Who doesn’t want a “Hollywood” smile full of perfectly straight white teeth that light up a room?

We all know someone who has a stellar smile, or we, at least, know a celebrity whose teeth we secretly envy. With so many advances in dental technology and Spokane Valley cosmetic dentistry procedures, “regular” people can have the Hollywood smile they’ve always wanted. The Invisalign® clear aligners system is just one of the many ways people are getting the smile they’ve always wanted. Unlike metal braces of yesteryear, Invisalign® clear retainers straighten teeth over time; a combination of Invisalign® and cosmetic dentistry procedures to whiten teeth will give you a dazzling smile you’ll show off for years.

young adult woman smiling with teeth

Why Choose Invisalign® Clear Aligners?

There are so many cosmetic dentistry procedures now available in Spokane Valley to fix minor flaws in your smile. Your Washington cosmetic dentist will tell you about some of the most effective procedures to dental problems that detract from your smile. Some of those procedures require only one or two visits, and some require a longer commitment—like Invisalign®.

While Invisalign® clear retainers require a longer commitment, the result at the end of your treatment will be well worth the wait. Over the course of several months, your teeth will shift and “graduate” to a new set of aligners. Your Spokane Valley Invisalign® dentist will be able to map out your teeth-shifting journey, so you can see where your teeth will be every step of the way. It’s really a fascinating process that is changing lives all over the Spokane Valley, WA area.

What Dental Problems Does Invisalign® Fix?

One of the most common questions that Spokane Valley, Washington cosmetic dentists hear is, “what can make my smile better?” There are so many amazing cosmetic dentistry procedures available in Spokane Valley to take healthy mouths to the next level by creating stunning, pearly-white smiles that will boost your confidence and get noticed. Invisalign® clear, comfortable, invisible braces correct numerous dental problems, including:

  • Underbite—An underbite occurs when your bottom teeth jut out farther than your top teeth. While a Shih Tzu with an underbite is absolutely adorable, most humans want their underbite to be corrected.
  • Overbite—If your top teeth jut out over your bottom teeth, then you have what is called an “overbite.” Invisalign® clear retainers are the perfect solution to correct an overbite.
  • Crossbite—if your top teeth rest behind your bottom teeth when your mouth is closed, you have a crossbite. Invisalign® clear retainers are a great solution for Spokane Valley patients with a crossbite.
  • Gaps between teeth—some people find gaps between teeth attractive, but large gaps will likely cause serious issues in the future because food particles can get lodged in gaps allowing bacteria to grow, which leads to tartar and plaque buildup.
  • Crowded teeth—jawbones can only accommodate so many teeth, and in some people, their teeth are overcrowded. In cases of severe overcrowding, one or more teeth may need to be extracted. In most cases, however, Invisalign® alone can un-crowd crowded teeth, and no surgical procedures to correct your problem will be necessary.
  • Crooked teeth—if your teeth just are not as straight as you’d like them to be, Invisalign® is often the best solution to straighten teeth over time in a non-invasive, comfortable way.

Get Invisalign® in Spokane Valley, Washington

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