If you’re new to our office, you might wonder why we have an esthetician on staff. You might even think, this is a dentist’s office, not a spa. However, we love our esthetician for more than one reason. Here at Collins Dentistry & Aesthetics in Spokane Valley, we are proud to be different than other offices by providing aesthetic services as well as general dentistry.

woman laughs while getting a facial

We Care About Your Smile

When you visit our office, we care about your treatment. In other words, we want you to be happy with your smile and your entire face, too. That’s why we choose to provide both dentistry and aesthetic services.

Angie Travis, our resident esthetician, wants to make sure you feel good about your appearance. While we handle your jaw and teeth, she provides facial treatments to match your beautiful smile. As a team, our goal is to make you look as vibrant and youthful as you feel inside.

We’re Creating a New Standard in Dentistry

Going to the dentist, in the past, has always been a chore. That’s why we’re happy to offer a dentist’s office that provides a more calming vibe. By offering aesthetic services, we function as both a dentist’s office and a spa environment.

Additionally, the combination of relaxing and rejuvenating treatments helps our patients leave our office refreshed. When you visit us in Spokane Valley, you visit a higher standard in a dentist’s office.

Treatments We Offer

Our in-house esthetician offers a variety of treatments including injectables, facials, and waxing. For example, our minimally-invasive injectable treatments allow you to rejuvenate your face with the most advanced technology. Even better, you can get your treatment at the dentist’s office, providing a safe and discreet environment.

Additionally, facial treatments renew your face while giving you a deep clean. Here at Collins Dentistry & Aesthetics, we offer different facials to cater to your needs. With everything from deep cleansing facials to anti-aging treatments, we’ve got your back.

To top it off, our esthetician provides waxing services as well. Often, our patients tell us how much they love being able to go to the same team for all their facially-aesthetic needs. If you want, we can even provide waxing on the same day as your dental cleaning!

Your Dentist and Esthetician in Spokane Valley

As you can see, dentistry and aesthetic treatments go hand-in-hand. Here at Collins Dentistry & Aesthetics, we are proud to provide care with the best possible treatments. To schedule an appointment, call us at (509) 927-2273 or message us online.