mature adult woman smiling teethIn the last couple of months, Allergan Aesthetics marked two major milestones for its market-leading Juvéderm facial filler. More recently, Allergan reached the amazing milestone of manufacturing 100 million syringes of Juvéderm facial fillers. Before that, though, in August, Allergan received FDA approval for its most recent variation on the successful filler: Juvéderm Volux™  XC.

With so many different variations of Juvéderm, it’s hard to keep them straight. Which formula works for which application? The best way to know which one is right for you is to schedule an appointment at our office in Spokane Valley. We can talk to you about the different formulations and their usage. In the meantime, though, here’s a basic breakdown to help you understand your options.

Why So Many Variations?

When our Spokane Valley cosmetic dentists and esthetician tell people about the different types of Juvéderm, people often marvel at the variety and wonder why Allergen might make so many different styles. Originally, Allegan made only one style of its hyaluronic acid filler Juvéderm, but over time, they have introduced more in order to improve results.

Although it might seem that a facial filler is always doing the same thing after injection, the numerous applications for Juvéderm are actually quite different. As a simple contrast, for example, filling lips requires a smooth filler that won’t make bulges through the thin skin, whereas filling cheeks depends on a sturdy filler that can bear pressure.

In addition, there are individual variations among patients and among injectors. Having different Juvéderm styles helps ensure that everyone gets great results from the product. Patients get to enjoy results that are long-lasting and attractive. Injectors get to find the style of Juvéderm that works best for them in different applications. It’s a win-win.

Juvéderm Ultra XC and Ultra Plus XC

The Ultra XC and Ultra Plus XC Juvéderm variants are the formulations closest to the original Juvéderm. These formulations are smooth, soft, and versatile. These fillers are FDA approved for facial wrinkles and folds, most notably the nasolabial folds, also known as parentheses lines around the mouth.

Note: the XC in the name refers to the inclusion of a small amount of lidocaine in the formula, which reduces discomfort, redness, and swelling linked to the injection. This addition to the formula has improved results and the experience for patients that Allergan generally includes it in all Juvéderm formulations.

Vollure® XC

Vollure XC can also improve the appearance of facial folds and wrinkles. However, this formulation utilizes Vycross® technology. Vycross improves cross-linking between hyaluronic acid molecules. The cross-linking makes the filler stronger and more durable against breakdown over time. This helps all the cross-linked varieties to provide a firmer lift as well as help the filler last longer. Vollure results are expected to last up to 18 months, but some of our Spokane Valley patients have experienced longer.

Volbella® XC

Volbella XC is a special formulation that puts the benefits of cross-linking technology in a very smooth gel.  This makes it ideally suited for use in and around the lips.  It can be used either to plump the lips, making them look more feminine and youthful, or to smooth lines around the lips, sometimes called lipstick lines. Although the dynamic movement of the lips can cause many fillers to break down quickly, Volbella’s cross-linked hyaluronic can last up to 18 months.

Voluma® XC

Voluma XC is a sturdy formulation specifically for cheek augmentation. Deep injection of Voluma XC into the cheeks helps address hollowing of the cheeks that can make a person look older and/or less healthy. It’s helpful for people who find that they lose facial volume at their ideal weight. It can also be used for cheek sculpting, such as to accentuate the appearance of cheekbones. Voluma XC also works for chin augmentation. People in Spokane Valley with weak or receding chin can benefit from Voluma XC.  This filler lasts at least 18 months, though many people find that it lasts more than two years in these less dynamic regions.

Volux XC

Volux XC is the newly-approved Juvéderm variation. This formulation is designed to improve jawline definition. This helps people feel better about the appearance of their jaw, which might lose definition as a result of jowls or weight gain.

We don’t know a lot about the long-term performance of Volux XC, but we do know that 12 months after treatment, about 87% of people in one clinical study continued to report that they would recommend Volux to a friend. This indicates that results likely last at least this long and quite possibly much longer.

As a newly approved product, Volux XC won’t be available in Spokane Valley until early 2023. We welcome queries about the product.

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