It can be difficult to look in the mirror if you’re not 100 percent confident in the reflection you see. With age comes wisdom and a greater sense of calm in one’s life, and your appearance should mirror that, rather than being etched with the signs of past anxiety.

That’s why here at Collins Dentistry & Aesthetics, our Spokane Valley cosmetic dentists are dedicated to helping your appearance reflect how you feel. Cosmetic dentistry can include anything from dental implants and Invisalign to teeth whitening and porcelain veneers. But one treatment can help you look how you want: BOTOX® Cosmetic.

Two beautiful woman discuss treatment at the doctor's office

What to Know before Choosing BOTOX®

BOTOX® is completely safe, and has been used millions of times safely since going on the market in 2002. In fact, studies suggest that BOTOX® can even help treat certain ailments, including temporomandibular joint disorders and headaches. Still, if you’ve decided to come to Collins Dentistry for your BOTOX® treatment, there are a few things you should know and prepare for.

Know Your Goals

First step in the BOTOX® process is to know exactly what you want. Whether you have crow’s feet that need correcting, lipstick lines or horizontal lines in your forehead, we can discuss an appropriate treatment that will correct them. If you’re not totally sure what your goals are, we can sit down together and offer some guidance, which might include looking at family members to see how they’ve aged. In addition, we can help you understand what wrinkles will respond to BOTOX® and which might be better treated with fillers like Juvéderm.

Just a Pinch

BOTOX® is injected into the affected areas in your face, and while it’s relatively painless, you might feel small pinches during the procedure, which typically only lasts between 10 and 30 minutes. During your visit, we might ask you to relax or contract certain muscles in your face, as BOTOX® is injected directly into each muscle, filling out where your skin has loosened over time. However, as soon as the procedure is over, you’re free to get up and go about your day. In fact, the procedure can even take place over your lunch break, and many of our patients return to work after the procedure.

I Can’t Feel My Face!

While BOTOX® will feel a little stiff at first, most of the representations you see on TV of BOTOX® patients post-procedure are blown out of proportion. Depending on the area you’ve targeted, you may find raising your eyebrows or smiling a little awkward on day one or two, but you’ll feel back to normal after a few days, albeit with a rejuvenated and younger appearance.

Ready to Look and Feel Younger?

If you’re curious about BOTOX® Cosmetic, or if you’re ready to look and feel younger, you don’t have to go to a plastic surgeon or an unfamiliar office. You can come right here to your trusted dentists Drs. Ken and Marnie Collins.

To schedule a consultation or to set up an appointment for a BOTOX® procedure with Collins Dentistry & Aesthetics in Spokane Valley today, please call (509) 927-2273 or send us an email.