What Do People Look For When Choosing a Dentist?

Finding the right dentist is an important decision in one’s life and can often determine your future oral health and smile aesthetics. Whether you’re choosing a dentist for you alone or for your entire family, there are a number of factors to consider in order to find the right one. Let us help you [...]

How to Teach Young Children Good Oral Hygiene Habits

It’s already difficult enough to teach your child right from wrong and teach them good behavior. Throwing oral hygiene habits into the mix is another mountain to climb. One of the biggest struggles face with their child and oral hygiene habits are helping their children understand the importance of oral hygiene and brushing and flossing [...]

Why Invisalign is the Perfect Orthodontic Treatment for Teens

We’re a family dentist so we know exactly what teens go through when they need to straighten their teeth. Although braces are a viable orthodontic option, many teens today actually prefer to go with a more discreet treatment like Invisalign treatment. Our dentists are here to explain why Invisalign is the perfect [...]

Ways to Encourage Your Child to Stop Thumbsucking

Thumbsucking is a normal habit for infants. It provides comfort and can help young children sleep. However, as children get older, thumbsucking loses its normalcy and can actually be a source of suffering down the line. Not only are school-aged thumbsuckers an easy target for teasing from other children, thumbsuckers can damage their teeth [...]

How Do I Protect My Child’s Protruding Tooth?

Your child has finally lost all his or her baby teeth and said goodbye to the Tooth Fairy. These teeth have to last your child the rest of their life. It’s important to protect your child’s permanent teeth. But what happens if one of your child’s permanent teeth grows in crooked and protrudes from [...]

Genetics Won’t Prevent Your Family from Enjoying Good Oral Health

It is a common belief that if both of your parents have strong teeth, you will too. Inversely, many people believe that they will inherit poor oral health through genetics. However, a recent study by the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests environmental factors play a much greater role in oral health than genetic factors. This [...]