Your Jaw May Be to Blame for Your Migraines

Migraines are a mysterious condition that doctors don’t have fully figured out. If you’ve suffered a migraine, you know how debilitating it can be. An astounding 12% of the population suffers from migraines. That may not seem like a high percentage, but when you consider that more than 4000 people have chronic [...]

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Natural TMJ Pain Remedies

Struggling with {{{{link id='50652' text='TMJ pain'}}}} can really take a {{{{link id='51892' text='damper on your life'}}}}. Fortunately, there are lots of treatments out there to help you relieve your pain. If you want to try some natural TMJ pain remedies on their own or in combination with the TMJ treatment we offer at Collins [...]

Are My Recurring Headaches the Result of a Misaligned Jaw?

{{{{link id='50655' text='Waking up with a headache'}}}} – especially when you’re not sick and you don’t know what’s brought it on in the first place – can really throw off your morning. You’re distracted, you’re in pain and, if you have a busy day or errands to run, it’s killed any motivation you had [...]

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We Can Help If You’re Experiencing More Headaches in the Fall or Winter

If you're like many Americans, the fall season can be a real headache. For millions of us across the country, fall means that you have more headaches. There are many causes of rises in headaches in the fall, but TMJ treatment can help with all of them. Migraines Increase with Changing Season [...]

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