Taking care of your family is hard enough. You don’t need an extra challenge when it comes to dentistry. That’s why we try to make things easy for families coming to our office. Not only that, but getting dental care for your entire family in one place can lead to better dental care.

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Benefits of a Family Dentist

It’s tempting to try to find a dental specialist for your children, but you don’t really need one. Think about the challenge of finding a dentist you truly trust. It’s hard enough to find one, so why make yourself find two or three? Plus, working with just one dentist for your entire family has benefits, like:

  • Combining visits for convenienceg
  • Have all your records in one place–just one update when things change
  • Get continuity of care
  • Build a better relationship with your dentist
  • Identify oral health challenges that affect your family as a whole

Don’t underestimate the extent to which your family shares oral health risks. Not only does your family share genetic risks, they share environmental risks. Studies have shown that people living in the same house will develop very similar oral bacteria, which can lead to very similar oral diseases. In addition, you will mostly eat the same diet: similar amounts of sugar and carbs, for example, which can increase the shared risk of gum disease and tooth decay. A family dentist can see this and anticipate problems or make recommendations that can save your entire family from future problems.

Modern medicine already fragments your experience with doctors. Why separate it even further by working with more dentists when one dentist can meet all your needs.

Pediatric Dentistry in Spokane Valley

Children have unique oral health challenges. We are aware of the challenges that might face your children, and we’re prepared to handle them. From your child’s first cleaning around age three to their potential need for braces as a pre-teen, we can handle all your child’s needs.

Plus, our team is compassionate and caring, and they’re great with kids. We make children’s visits fun and enjoyable to help them build a positive attitude about dental care that will help them enjoy a lifetime of good oral health.

Dentistry That Changes as You Do

We know: nobody wants to admit that they’re getting older. But we all are. Every day. So it’s better to have a dentist that is prepared to help you through the challenges you will face as you get older. Preventive dentistry becomes more important as we get older and our risk of cavities and gum disease increases.

But you’re also more likely to want cosmetic services as you get older. Cosmetic dentistry can counter the impact of the years on your smile, and our aesthetic services can help you look younger with skin treatments, BOTOX ® Cosmetic, and Juvéderm.

A Dentist for Life

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