If you are looking to maintain or restore your oral health, then you are looking for general dentistry. At Collins Dentistry & Aesthetics, we offer a full range of preventive and restorative dentistry for your entire family. We strive to ensure the best results of all dental procedures we offer, from a simple cleaning to a full mouth reconstruction, so you’ll always get the best care when you come in to our office, no matter the reason.

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Dentistry with a Cosmetic Focus

We strongly believe that all quality dentistry should partly be cosmetic dentistry. After all, if the appearance of your smile matters, then all dental procedures should preserve that.

Plus, the health and beauty of your smile are closely linked. Bright white teeth are free from decay and have thick, healthy enamel. Straight teeth aren’t just attractive, they’re less likely to catch food and easier to clean, so they have a lower risk of gum disease.

So if you are looking for a dentist, it’s a good idea to choose one who understands and prioritizes the appearance of your smile because that can improve your oral health.

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Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry is your best investment in your oral and overall health. Good oral health doesn’t just protect your teeth and eliminate the need for future restorative procedures, it can improve your overall health. If you can avoid cavities, tooth infections, and gum disease, you will have a lower risk of heart disease, dementia, and other serious health problems in the future. We offer many preventive dentistry procedures, including:

Family dentistry means providing dental care not just for you as an individual, but also caring for you as part of a family. Families eat and drink together, which can mean that they have some of the same dental risks, so caring for a family together can improve overall health.

Teeth cleaning and dental hygiene is probably the most important thing that you can do for your oral and overall health. Most of it you do at home, with routine brushing and flossing. However, your regular professional cleanings can be a critical supplement to your home hygiene routine. We can remove hard deposits from your teeth that you can’t remove at home.

Mouthguards are critical to the protection of your teeth when you participate in sports. We offer mouthguards that don’t just protect your teeth–they can improve your performance.

Restorative Dentistry

Hopefully, preventive dentistry keeps your teeth healthy and whole. But if it doesn’t, we offer restorative dentistry to address the problems and repair damaged teeth. This includes:

Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss among adults in the US. It’s also been linked to heart disease, dementia, and other health problems. Fortunately, gum disease treatment can help to improve the health of your gums and preserve your teeth.

If cavities have developed on your teeth, white fillings are usually the best frontline treatment. For large amounts of decay, dental crowns might be recommended. If the tooth has become infected, root canal therapy can clean out the infection and save the tooth.

However, if the tooth can’t be saved, we can replace it with either a dental bridge or dental implants. These secure tooth replacements let you chew normally. Bridges are long-lasting and implants can last a lifetime.

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